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  • Decoys, Stand-Ins, and Posuers: Fake Relationship Romances

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | August 8, 2022
    This trope is alive and kicking in romance books as authors find fun new ways to play with the fake-dating-turned-true-love dynamic.
  • Princess Books for the 21st Century Child

    By Clarissa Cooke, Children's Librarian | August 8, 2022
    96th Street Library
    Here is an inclusive list of princess books that go beyond being rescued by a handsome prince.
  • Reading David McCullough

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | August 8, 2022
    His books are detailed and often lengthy, but also page-turners that bring history to life with vivid storytelling.
  • Nine New Memoirs of Family and Self-Discovery

    By Cierra Bland, Social Media Manager | July 26, 2022
    These recently released memoirs will enthrall and move readers.
  • A National Parks Reading List

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | July 15, 2022
    Explore the parks through books—their history, memorable visits, and fiction thrillers that delve into the dangers of the wilderness.
  • An A-Z List of Notable Books Gamers and Non-Gamers Will Love

    By Nicole Celic, Adult Librarian | July 14, 2022
    Whether you want to learn more about gaming history or see your favorite characters come to life on the page, we have the book for you.
  • YA Breakup Books for Fans of 'Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between'

    By Carrie Mcbride, Blog Editor | July 13, 2022
    These teen titles explore the many permutations of a breakup: making the decision, coping with heartbreak, and believing in love again.
  • Be Persuaded: Charming Retellings of Austen's Classic Romance 'Persuasion'

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | July 11, 2022
    These retellings have different settings and variations on the characters and plot but revolve around the same central conflict. 
  • Spend Your Summer With a Series

    By NYPL Staff | July 7, 2022
    Choose a series so instead of sadness, reaching the end of the book will leave you with excitement for the next one!
  • Contemporary Romances with a Reality Show Twist

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | July 6, 2022
    A reality tv show will either bring them together or break them apart in these modern romance reads.