Art Exhibit: Lily Annabelle, "Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar"

Lily Annabelle Poster Detail
This exhibition has closed
February 2–March 29, 2024
Tompkins Square Library
Fully Accessible

Register here for the accompanying artist talk and panel discussion: “Artist Talk with Lily Annabelle: A Merchant Story Sharing Session,” which will take place on Thursday, February 29 2024 from 5 - 6:45 PM. 

When storefronts have become an integral part of a community’s identity, it is
a curious journey exploring the dynamics between the way they were built to
look and the way the community saw them; the way the owners wanted
them to look and the way they stay in our memories after their

Lily’s Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar series is a celebration of the life and
memories these neighborhood establishments generously gifted us. In
illustrating memorabilia from different eras and piecing them back together,
Lily skillfully tells a story that defies time, that lets the old meet the new, that
pays homage to the humans that have made a mark on the community.

Exhibition Selections

Mars Bar
Kim's Video
Theatre 80
Ess a Bagel
De Robertis