Curtis Wallin: Crossing the Red River

Wallin Palm Spring
This exhibition has closed
January 9–February 28, 2023
Bloomingdale Library
Fully Accessible

Art always has a place in making society see there is hope and beauty around us.

Recently I have been feeling the weight of the world and of those who are being displaced and need to cross over to safety. From BIPOC, Ukraine, TLGBQIA+, women, families, and all who need to cross over to a new and safer space. For some, this crossing is physical and for others it is metaphorical. For some this is displacement, for others, this is reclaiming their rightful position of prominence and respect. It is movement. This journey of life.

The idea for these drawings and paintings came to me during the first months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  I was listening to a friend, a concert pianist, play Beethoven’s Op. 27 #2 Sonata quasi una fantasia.

The initial image of a person standing in a swirling red river surrounded by a black world came to me. The subsequent drawings fed into the more significant ideas of people seeking a path to safety, acceptance, happiness, and life.

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Wallin Silently Standing
Silently Standing
Wallin Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand
Wallin Follow Me
Follow Me Lead Me
Wallin My Hero
My Hero
Wallin Crossing
Wallin Palm Spring
Palm Spring
Wallin Floating Across the Red River
Floating Across the Red River
Wallin Shake
Wallin Guiding
Wallin Pretty Scary
Pretty Scary