King Sprinkler
This exhibition has closed
December 1, 2023–February 26, 2024
Morningside Heights Library
Fully Accessible

Exhibiting at The Morningside Library is Ner Beck with his collection of characters that he has assembled from photos taken over the past several years. As you climb the staircase pause to meet some of these odd individuals each with their own unique personality that might remind you of someone you are familiar with or have met one time or another in your life. You can see more of Ner Beck's photographs by Googling  Ner Beck NYPL. 

You also may contact him at

Metamorphosis & Cookie Lover
Coffee Break & Prehistoric Banana
Robo Baby & Camera Shy
Too Much Tech & Tool Head
Flood Control & Full Steam Ahead
Alarm & Treasure Hunter
The Plumber & Level Headed
Space Moose